I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK.

I have acted as lecturer and convener for the following courses:

Language Variation and Change | Ghent University | 2021/22

  • An MA-level course which aims to provide students with a sound understanding of the relationship between linguistic variation and change, particularly with respect to morphosyntax, as well as models and methods concerning the analysis of spatial variation and diachronic change.
  • Co-taught with Giuseppe Magistro.

Lexical Functional Grammar | University of Konstanz | 2019/20 & 2021

  • An MA-level course which introduces the basic principles underlying LFG, as well as the formalism and notation.
  • Students practice working with the formalism in a step-by-step approach and explores how LFG can be used to analyse various phenomena from a wide range of world languages.

Grammar Development | University of Konstanz | 2021

  • An MA-level course which introduces students to a framework for rule-based machine language processing, XLE, a syntactic parsing environment using Lexical Functional Grammar as the theoretical foundation.
  • Co-taught with Annette Hautli-Janisz.

English Syntax | University of Konstanz | 2021

  • A BA-level course introducing students to the modern study of syntax as an attempt to understand and model properties of the human mind, providing an introduction to the technical tools and concepts that underpin formal approaches to grammar.

Analysing Syntactic Change | University of Konstanz | 2019/20

  • An MA-level course which examines how various syntactic change phenomena can be analysed within a theoretical framework of syntax, in particular that of Lexical-Functional Grammar.
  • Also features a practical component introducing students to historical treebanks.

Einführung in die Linguistik | University of Konstanz | 2020/21

  • A first-year BA-level course introducing students to the core concepts and basic principles of linguistics, covering phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

Sociolinguistics | University of Konstanz | 2019/20

  • A BA-level course which introduces key topics in in sociolinguistics with respect to core linguistic areas (phonetics, phonology, morphosyntax, semantics, pragmatics).

Middle English | University of Konstanz | 2020

  • An MA-level course which explores points of linguistic interest in Middle English and discusses processes of language change underway during the period.
  • Also features a practical component where students develop skills in reading, translating and commenting on Middle English texts.

LELA30961/60961 Historical Syntax | University of Manchester 2018

  • A third-year course (30 students) on grammatical change, with theoretical and practical components.
  • Includes an enhanced version for MA students.

LELA20091 Old & Middle English | University of Manchester 2018

  • A second-year course (60 students) introducing Old and Middle English language and exploring points of linguistic interest.